Vanessa Luna recognized as a leader in education by Forbes 30 under 30
A Dreamer herself, Luna cofounded ImmSchools in 2017 to provide 1,000 educators the training needed to support the needs of 30,000 undocumented students and their families nationwide.

ImmSchools Co-Founder, Vanessa Luna, selected as 2019 Roddenberry Fellow
Vanessa Luna is the Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer of ImmSchools. She immigrated to the United States at the age of 10 from Lima, Peru. Growing up undocumented, she experienced various challenges but due to her parent’s resilience...
How Being Undocumented Inspired Me to Seek Educational Access For All -
When I was a high-school senior, the school guidance counselor told me I couldn’t go to college. I was a top student, but after I informed him that I was an undocumented immigrant, he said I wouldn’t be able to enroll in college without a Social Security number.
I grew up undocumented. I grew up knowing the fear and resiliency that comes from being an immigrant in this country. I know of the hardships but I also know of the perseverance and strength of my parents and my community. I went to school everyday feeling uncertainty in the face of national threats to myself, my family, and to our humanity. Yet, we continue to rise and thrive.
The School-to-Deportation Pipeline

On a Saturday afternoon in Houston, Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento crossed a stage donning a green graduation gown. The 19-year-old was proud of this moment—one he wasn’t sure would happen.Just months before, a scuffle with a classmate near Stephen F. Austin High School threatened his future in the United States.

Op-Ed: Schools Are Legally & Morally Obligated to Protect Undocumented Students, Not Report Them
Thirteen years ago, as high school senior applying for college, I sat nervously as I watched my counselor review my first college application. As he stared at the blank Social Security number box, I bravely shared that I was undocumented and didn’t have one. Surprised by my revelation, he quickly insisted this couldn’t be possible.