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"I didn’t know about my rights and how I could advocate for my child’s education until I attended an ImmSchools workshop. I’ve learned that I need to be involved and become the best advocate for my children."

-ImmSchools Parent


ImmSchools was founded in 2018 by two formerly undocumented immigrant women with more than 20 years of combined experience as educators working at the intersection of immigration and education. Our initial vision for ImmSchools was simple: to support more educators in creating safe and welcoming spaces in schools that we and our families wished we had when we were students. 

Today, ImmSchools partners with school districts to create more welcoming and safe schools to meet the needs of K-12 immigrant students, their families and educators. ImmSchools specifically serves schools in Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania which are among the states and urban regions with the largest populations of immigrants.


​The ImmSchools logo calls to mind the Monarch butterfly which immigrates yearly from the U.S. to Mexico and has become a powerful symbol for the movement for rights of all immigrants within the U.S. Our logo features ties this symbol with books as wings, linking education to the power of flight and to this human rights issue.

"I really liked how applicable the information was from the ImmSchools programs. It is one thing to tell us about the problem, it is another to tell us exactly how to help."

-ImmSchools Educator

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