Inclusivity Poster
All students regardless of their immigration status have the right to a K-12 education. As educators, it is our responsibility to affirm every student and create welcoming and safe learning spaces where our students thrive. This guide provides recommendations on how educators can use this poster to engage in conversations around immigration with students, best practices educators can implement in the classroom, and immigration and education resources.
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Introducing the Inclusivity Poster to Your Students & School Community
The following guide was created by ImmSchools community of educators and immigrant students working to ensure schools are safe & inclusive spaces for undocumented students & mixed status families
College Application Tips
Useful information you need to know about Texas Higher Education policies that will help you support students that pursue a college/ university degree as an Undocumented student or a student with Undocumented parents.
Top 10 things you can do to make an inclusive classroom
  1. Be Empathetic & Engage with an Open Mind
    Don’t make assumptions, our immigrant community is diverse
  2. Create Safe & Inclusive Learning Spaces
    Use inclusive language, post-safe-space visuals, & share resources with all students
  3. Learn Policies & Access Reputable Legal Assistance
    Understand local and federal policies that impact K-12 undocumented students and their families
  4. Find & Advocate for Scholarships & Financial Support
    Keep track share scholarships that don’t require citizenship or residency status with students
  5. Build Your Own Educator Network
    Build relationships and collaborate with other educators who are supportive of undocumented students at your school or district
  6. Connect Students to Undocumented Community Leaders & Role Models
    Attend immigration-related events and build a network of undocumented student leaders
  7. Involve Parents
    Share information and resources with parents by distributing Know Your Rights cards, emergency plans, college-access information.
  8. Design curriculum that is inclusive of all students
    Make curriculum relevant to students by incorporating discussions about immigration or assign books with immigration themes
  9. Build Agency and Power
    Inform students about their rights and share how other immigrant groups have organized and changed the status quo
  10. Create Spaces for Storytelling and Creative Expression
    Encourage students to build their own meaning and sense of identity
Immigration and Education Resources
Immigration Lesson Plans
Educator Resources
Reading Lists
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Creating safe and welcoming learning spaces for immigrant and undocumented students in K-12
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