An immigrant led non-profit organization that works to ensure immigrant and undocumented students thrive in the K-12 education system.
transforming schools into safe and welcoming spaces for undocumented students and families


ImmSchools is an immigrant-led nonprofit organization that partners with K-12 educators to transform schools into safe and welcoming spaces for undocumented students and families.

Research indicates that students need a safe and supportive learning environment in order to learn.

Immigrant students and families show a unique resilience and have endless potential as they navigate the K-12 system. For immigrant students, the perceived and real fear of losing their parents to deportation can have a detrimental impact in their well-being and academic success. As former undocumented students, we know that when educators create a safe and supportive learning environment, the likelihood for success is greater.

Our Vision  

We envision a just and equitable education system where immigrant and undocumented students and families thrive.

 Our Mission
Through ongoing professional learning for educators, workshops for undocumented students and families, and organizing for the passage of immigrant-friendly policies in K-12 school districts, ImmSchools seeks to create a learning environment where all students, regardless of their immigration status, can achieve their fullest potential.

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