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Immigrant students thrive in safe and supportive classrooms

Research indicates that students need a safe and supportive learning environment in order to learn. For immigrant students, the perceived and real fear of losing their parents to deportation can have a detrimental impact in their well-being and academic success. As former undocumented students, we know that when educators create a safe and supportive learning environment, the likelihood for success is greater.

Immigrant families as leaders in education

Parent and family engagement is key for student’s success. For immigrant parents, the recent raids have instilled fear and anxiety making them less likely to participate in school activities or enroll their children in school programs. Schools can play a vital role in creating a safe and supportive culture where immigrant families can become  active participants and advocates of their children’s education.

Schools as safe havens for all students

All children regardless of their immigration status have the right to a K-12 education. Nationally, 7% or 3.9 million of all K-12 students are either undocumented or have at least one parent who is undocumented; yet, less than 1% of schools nationwide have a strategy or commitment to protecting their immigrant and refugee children. Schools should be safe havens that embrace and protect all students regardless of their immigration status.

ImmSchools works to support K-12 immigrant students and their families by partnering with K-12 educators. Through immigrant friendly policies, professional development for educators, and partnership with local immigrant organizations, ImmSchools will transform our education system in order to provide an equitable education for immigrant and undocumented students and families.

Advocate for the passage of immigrant-friendly  resolutions and policies in schools  by instilling agency and elevating the voices of the immigrant community

Provide professional development for educators  and school staff to build knowledge, skills, and capacity to better support undocumented students and families

Foster a community of support by collaborating with immigrant and community organizations to provide support and create resources for undocumented students and families